Olivia’s Conundrum [Entry Version]

By Ereika | January 30, 2018

Author’s note: This is my non-winning entry for the Into the Black contest. This particular draft was edited and sanitized somewhat. A new, updated version will be added to my Patreon in the future. Thursday, 2:24 pm: We’re sorry, but your DES housing transfer has not been approved. We require additional information. Please sign in…

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Storycast: Overwritten, Episode 2

By Ereika | January 20, 2018

This audio storycast/podcast is set in the same universe as The Storm, before the events of the novel. In Episode 2, we get a bit of (cryptic) backstory by way of case files on Brishara and Louis’ desk.

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Storycast: Overwritten

By Ereika | December 25, 2017

This audio storycast/podcast is set in the same universe as The Storm before the events in the novel unfold. If you enjoy speculative fiction, and have a healthy dose of curiosity, have a listen!

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Strands, Chapter 1

By Ereika | November 6, 2017

“You’d never make it past the psych evals, Jasha.” The cat stretched, then reached out a paw to nudge Jasha’s half-empty cup of noodles a few millimeters closer to the edge of the counter. The clank-clink-clank of claws against ceramic drew Jasha’s attention from the console. He sat up straight, huffed, and narrowed his eyes…

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Quantum Truth, Chapter 1

By Ereika | October 19, 2017

The porcelain sink had a hairline crack from the drain to the top of the basin. Towards the edge of the drain there was a fresh chip of porcelain missing, gouged out when Marlene’s too-wide wedding band finally dislodged from arthritic fingers that trembled in disgust. The band had flowers carved onto the side. Rosebuds.…

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