Olivia’s Conundrum [Entry Version]

By Ereika | January 30, 2018

Author’s note: This is my non-winning entry for the Into the Black contest. This particular draft was edited and sanitized somewhat. A new, updated version will be added to my Patreon in the future. Thursday, 2:24 pm: We’re sorry, but your DES housing transfer has not been approved. We require additional information. Please sign in…

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Storycast: Overwritten, Episode 2

By Ereika | January 20, 2018

This audio storycast/podcast is set in the same universe as The Storm, before the events of the novel. In Episode 2, we get a bit of (cryptic) backstory by way of case files on Brishara and Louis’ desk.

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Storycast: Overwritten

By Ereika | December 25, 2017

This audio storycast/podcast is set in the same universe as The Storm before the events in the novel unfold. If you enjoy speculative fiction, and have a healthy dose of curiosity, have a listen!

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Strands, Chapter 1

By Ereika | November 6, 2017

“You’d never make it past the psych evals, Jasha.” The cat stretched, then reached out a paw to nudge Jasha’s half-empty cup of noodles a few millimeters closer to the edge of the counter. The clank-clink-clank of claws against ceramic drew Jasha’s attention from the console. He sat up straight, huffed, and narrowed his eyes…

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Quantum Truth, Chapter 1

By Ereika | October 19, 2017

The porcelain sink had a hairline crack from the drain to the top of the basin. Towards the edge of the drain there was a fresh chip of porcelain missing, gouged out when Marlene’s too-wide wedding band finally dislodged from arthritic fingers that trembled in disgust. The band had flowers carved onto the side. Rosebuds.…

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One cannot expect white supremacy in service to the wealthy to speak up against the carefully crafted racism that sustains the current status quo.

Without racism, poor whites might catch on to the fact that wealthy whites don't want anything to do with them, either.

Accept that while you crave resolution—an ending to the story, and a happy ending at that—the narrative arc you’ve learned doesn’t apply. Stop trying to map the events of your life onto it. You are strong enough to be unsure. Keep moving.

I could talk about how cruel this administration and its enablers are, but instead I'm taking a different approach.

Join me and @TheRebelTiger Friday, August 30th for #FTLN20 and help raise a stack or two in legal aid for detained families.

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A large number of bi women get into a cycle where they mostly date men because there are more men to date, then feel anxiety about their lack of experience dating women, which fuels anxiety re: dating women, which means dating more men...