Imprecise Love

a heart-shaped tree in a field of redness

Love is a funny word. As an emotional descriptor it’s imprecise at best, disastrous at worst. Someone who says “I love you,” might mean “I would sacrifice my health and comfort and safety just to see you happy. I think that you are a beautiful human being inside and out and I hope that we…

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A few rambling thoughts on forgiveness

cat refuses flowers from a dog

Forgiveness and tolerance can be mutually exclusive as often as they coexist. It is possible to forgive someone, while not accepting them in your life or personal space again. It is also possible to tolerate the presence of someone in your life or personal space without forgiving them. To forgive requires some willingness to be…

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Thoughts on vulnerability

The greatest honor my father ever bestowed on anyone was to ask them for help. Daddy didn’t ask for help often, and if he did ask it was only because: He trusted that person to do a good job. He trusted that person to be honor their word. He trusted that person not to weaponize…

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